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The Dev Launchers formula:
  1. Dev Launchers builds open source software projects led by professionals
  2. New developers join agile teams to work and learn in a supportive environment
  3. Dev Launchers runs weekly workshops to provide experience for leaders and learners while working on impactful projects


Everything, from our platform to our curriculum to the projects we develop, is released to the open source community. We rely on contributors to grow our platform and continue serving our members!
Get trained to become a developer from the ground up while working on real projects!
Learn at a pace tailored completely to you! You'll have hands on help, starting from square one all the way through building complex projects working in agile teams. Whether you're looking to build clean, professional apps and sites, or create scalable data-driven solutions, Dev Launchers has been crafted for YOU.
Evolve your career in the direction you want to go

Change your life while changing the world! Lead ambitious agile teams designed to engage new learners and solve real problems, all with guidance and support from people who have walked the same path.

You'll gain the soft skills needed to land more senior roles in your career while managing projects and making lifelong friends. Join a growing network of software professionals working to build something great, together.

Build epic products, tools, and apps used by real people!

We build awesome things, and you can join us!

The Dev Launchers Project Ethos:

  • Keep it exciting, always
  • Encourage people at all levels and from all backgrounds to learn technical skills
  • When given the chance, experiment with groundbreaking technology.
  • Make the world better
Your donation will create an opportunity for a young learner, preparing them to face the technical challenges of the future head on.
Dev Launchers is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We can’t keep changing lives without your support!


Dev Launchers partners with for-profit partners so we can grow and continue to do what we love, as well as organizations doing outreach to bring in a diverse range of members.

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"Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination." - Daniel Bell
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