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A hub where we can make ideas into reality. Our platform allows Dev Launchers users to vocalize their ideas then build them into a project.
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We're building a platform that inspires people to build cool software project ideas that will follow the Dev Launchers ethos. This platform will be able to take in ideas from members of Dev Launchers, display these ideas for other users to interact with, and finally allow members to adopt others' ideas.


Often people have ideas that they do not have the bandwidth to address. These ideas will be further fleshed out by engaging members of the community. With our idea hub, we can brainstorm better, interact with other members' dream software projects, and build more together!



Target Audience

  • Who:
  • Why:
    • Help dev launchers workshop their ideas to a point where they have the green light to recruit.
    • Help dev launchers learn new tech skills by pairing them with experienced members and working on real life projects.
  • What:
    • Web responsive app
  • How:
    • To access IdeaSpace, Dev Launcher’s members can go to the Dream category on the Dev Launchers website.


Core Features

  1. Sign in / Register
  2. User account settings
  3. Submit a new idea
  4. Like / save / share an idea
  5. Idea project owner’s toDolist
  6. Search, browse and filter ideas
  7. View idea project detail
  8. Workshop and collaborate on other people’s ideas
  9. My ideas dashboard
  10. Receive email and push notification


Target Devices

  • Desktop (95% of our audience)
  • iPhone (4%)
  • iPad (1%)


Target Browsers

  • Chrome (77% of our audience)
  • Microsoft Edge (16%)
  • Safari (2.81%)
  • Firefox (1.31%)
  • Opera (0.54%)



  • Our platform has a dependency with the “[User

About Our Volunteers

You’re someone who cares about technology and the people whose lives it shapes. You’re looking to build something that matters alongside like-minded people. You are excited, ready to learn, and looking to grow.

About Dev Launchers

Dev Launchers is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing people from diverse backgrounds to tackle future-proof careers. We are made up of people just like you.

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