Dev Recruit
Independent Product
Dev Recruit allows current and potential members to easily discover and learn about the projects they can join that aligns with their goals and experience
Web Dev
Agile Development
Product Lead
Product Created: Date
Infinity - -Infinity hrs/week


Dev Launchers helps developers and designers advance their skills and confidence to the next level allowing them to thrive in their careers. Dev Recruit allows members of the Dev Launchers Community to easily find products and projects that align with their personal goals. For prospective members of the Dev Launchers Community, it gives an insight into what types of projects, involvement and interaction are available

About Our Volunteers

You’re someone who cares about technology and the people whose lives it shapes. You’re looking to build something that matters alongside like-minded people. You are excited, ready to learn, and looking to grow.

About Dev Launchers

Dev Launchers is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing people from diverse backgrounds to tackle future-proof careers. We are made up of people just like you.

Positions Available

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"Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination." - Daniel Bell
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