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The Community Development Team works on initiatives for community building, volunteer engagement and growth of Dev Launchers Community.
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Please find below a brief description of some of our ongoing projects:

Community Resource Page: As part of our commitment to community growth, we are currently developing a comprehensive resource page. This resource hub will serve as a centralized repository of valuable information, guides, tutorials, and resources relevant to our community's interests. It will empower our members to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and navigate their journey within the Dev Launchers Community more effectively.

Community Hub Page: In addition to the resource page, we are also crafting a dynamic and interactive community hub page. This hub will act as the heart of our community, providing a platform for discussions, collaboration, and networking. It will feature forums, chat rooms, and tools to facilitate connections and knowledge exchange among our members.

Through these initiatives, our Community Development Team is dedicated to nurturing a thriving, engaged, and continually expanding Dev Launchers Community. We are excited to work hand in hand with our members and volunteers to achieve these objectives and create a vibrant and supportive community ecosystem.


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You’re someone who cares about technology and the people whose lives it shapes. You’re looking to build something that matters alongside like-minded people. You are excited, ready to learn, and looking to grow.

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