Universal Design Team
Independent Product
Build a place and structure where Dev Launchers can come to find and discover anything they want to know about the company and create a resource-oriented space for all.
Web Design
Product Lead
Product Created: Date
Infinity - -Infinity hrs/week


Universal Design team goal is to create guidelines and manage the product teams to ensure that the organization products are designed with a consistent and high-quality user experience in mind.

The team will establish a User-Centered Design Process that puts the needs and preferences of the user at the center of the product development process and encourage collaboration among the product teams to ensure that everyone is working towards the same set of guidelines.


Target Audience


  • Internal product team members (UX Researchers, UX Designers, Developers and Team Leads)
  • External Dev Launchers audience (TBD)




  • Leverage design consistency across Dev Launchers products.
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication between product teams.
  • Define and overcome pain points of product teams.



A package of resources that provides a single source of truth for our product teams.


Core Features


  • Design System
  • Universal design, communication, and accessibility guidelines
  • Shared templates and files
  • Design feedback & reviews
  • Shared Dev Launchers personas
  • Design documentation


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