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To connect people with various backgrounds throughout the globe to realize their power in technical careers.
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Infinity - -Infinity hrs/week


Did you know that all people in the world are six or fewer social connections away from each other?

We are aiming to design and implement a social networking web-based system which connects members to communicate thoughts, share context and manage projects in one place across different Dev platforms.

As this project is user centered and front-end based, you will be fast-tra

About Our Volunteers

You’re someone who cares about technology and the people whose lives it shapes. You’re looking to build something that matters alongside like-minded people. You are excited, ready to learn, and looking to grow.

About Dev Launchers

Dev Launchers is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing people from diverse backgrounds to tackle future-proof careers. We are made up of people just like you.

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"Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination." - Daniel Bell
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